Nino Leitner

Nino Leitner is an award winning filmmaker, Director of Photography and film producer based in Vienna
. Nino’s work mainly focuses on documentaries, TV commercials, corporate films for international brands and narrative short film productions with his film production company Nino Film GmbH
He is also a well-known blogger as a partner at, one of the world-leading websites for camera and accessory reviews as well as his own personal blog, where he shares insights into how he works on his shoots and projects

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Masterclass: Bad Image

What makes a good image film? What makes working on an image film interesting and why is image film still such a stupid genre? About the restrictions and opportunities in image films. Absurd, funny and energy consuming.

Álvaro Ogalla

Álvaro Ogalla has worked all his life in the departments of Montage and Restoration at the Spanish Film Library

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. Also he participated in several restoration projects and documentation related to the audiovisual heritage

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. In parallel he frequently works as a projectionist in theaters, cultural centers and festivals. He debuted as an actor and scriptwriter in Federico Veiroj’s EL APÓSTATA (2015) and also did a collaboration as an actor in the documentary EL ULTIMO VERANO by Leire Apellániz (2016),

Masterclass: Natural Acting

Álvaro Ogalla will talk about his experience performing the role of Gonzalo in EL APÓSTATA, a role that is very close to his own biography
. Especially considering that he is not a professional actor, he will focus on „natural acting“.

Eduardo del Llano

Eduardo del Llano is a Cuban director, screenwriter, university professor and novelist. Del Llano graduated with an Art History degree from the University of Havana in 1985
. During the 1980s he joined the theatre and literary group NOS-Y-OTROS, which he also founded. He collaborated on screenplays with Jorge Goldenberg, Tom Abrams, and Walter Bernstein while teaching the history of Latin American art and photography in the Faculty of Arts and Letters at the University of Havana

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. After years of writing screenplays, in 2004 he started a very successful series of short films – the Nicanor series – and soon made his first feature length films. Also, this is his third time teaching at Innsbruck Film Campus. A veteran!

Masterclass: How (not) to spoil a script
The making of a script as told by an inveterate. Working in Cuba del Llano will talk about his experience of making a film under special conditions, and with almost no money. How? You will see and discuss his wonderful real-fictio-mentary CASTING (2013) which won a number of international awards.

Mohammed Soudani

was born in El-Asnam, Algeria, and has lived in Switzerland since 1972

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. He studied cinematography and directing at the Institut des Hautes Ecoles Cinématographiques, Paris. He works as a producer and independent filmmaker. Soudani was DP of Gnoan Roger M’Bala (Côte d’Ivoire), one of the fathers of African cinema. He is receiving the IFFI award of honor for his lifetime achievement.

Masterclass: How to get to here
Mohammed Soudani will take a look back at his cinematographic career. Even though he has been living in Switzerland for more than 40 years now, his art and expertise have always made him return to his home continent

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. Being known as the one DP who is able to capture black people in darkness, his camera work has proven very valuable
. But also his work as a director deserves some attention.

Eva Testor

Born and bred in Tyrol, Austria, Eva Testor studied cinematography at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She graduated with Professor Christian Berger in 2001
. She had her own production company with Nina Kusturica from 2003 to 2013 and produced a number projects

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. Her camera work is well known and respected, only one proof being the Romy award 2016 for her cinematography in the TV show „Vorstadtweiber“

Masterclass: What does my story need to look like?
Which format, which shape does my story need? Which images, optics, resolution, colours…? What is the difference between a film for cinema or for TV? Does the story find the shape or does the shape find the story?

Eva Testor asks herself these questions with each production, be it as cinematographer, author, or producer.

Karl Saurer

Born in 1943 in Einsiedeln. 1979 Master of Arts in media studies, literature and psychology

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. Since 1970 film critic work in Switzerland and Germany

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. 1980-84 Lecturer in Dramaturgy at the DFFB (German Film and Television Academy Berlin). Lectureships at universities and film schools
. Writer and director of feature films and documentaries

Masterclass: One should make a film about that
A filmmaker can “film” any topic. Really? Karl Saurer will pursue the following questions in his masterclass: What are the triggers to start a cinematic project? How open is my attitude in the process of developing, in the phase of filming and the editing process? How much am I able to specify and how much can I accept from my team members? Do I get involved in the distribution?

Francesco Clerici

Master’s Degree in Art History and Criticism from the University of Milan
. Since 2003 Francesco Clerici has been teaching film language

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. Francesco is a writer and the project manager for the artist Velasco Vitali. His 2011 short film Storie nel Cemento (Cement Stories) won the of the FAI -Italian Artistic Foundation- prize at the Milano Film Festival. In 2012 he published his first book, 24 Fotogrammi: storia aneddotica del cinema (24 Frames: the Anecdotal History of Cinema). Il Gesto delle Mani, his first feature documentary, won the FIPRESCI award at Berlinale Forum 2015 and has been selected in several festivals all over the world.

Masterclass: Artisanal Cinema
Making a film about art is a very special undertaking. Making it about an artisanal process is even more of a challenge. Francesco Clerici will talk about the very special process of making his successful documentary Il Gesto delle Mani with a very low budget but with time, passion and skills. And how he has managed to find distribution for festivals and cinema all over Europe.

Nino Jacusso

Nino Jacusso is an Italian-born, Swiss filmmaker. He studied at the University of Television and Film in Munich, Germany
. Since 1995, he has been a member of the Association for Film for Children in Switzerland

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. Since 2005, he has also been a member of the film commission for Solothurn, Switzerland

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. For his complete work up to now he was awarded the Fachpreis für Film of the Canton of Solothurn: “Nino Jacusso is one of those rare movie makers that have created lasting fictional as well as documentary work, and that have, at an early stage already, developed and found their own characteristic picture language.”

Masterclass: CHASING DREAMS. The making of realism in feature films.
What is reality? How do we perceive reality? How can we shape reality in feature films? The film Director Nino Jacusso tells about his work and the art of the REAL ACTING concept.