Mohammed Soudani

was born in El-Asnam, Algeria, and has lived in Switzerland since 1972

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. He studied cinematography and directing at the Institut des Hautes Ecoles Cinématographiques, Paris. He works as a producer and independent filmmaker. Soudani was DP of Gnoan Roger M’Bala (Côte d’Ivoire), one of the fathers of African cinema. He is receiving the IFFI award of honor for his lifetime achievement.

Masterclass: How to get to here
Mohammed Soudani will take a look back at his cinematographic career. Even though he has been living in Switzerland for more than 40 years now, his art and expertise have always made him return to his home continent

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. Being known as the one DP who is able to capture black people in darkness, his camera work has proven very valuable
. But also his work as a director deserves some attention.

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