Films 2019

Tuesday, September 10, 9:00 p.m. Cinematograph

Austria 2019
Q&A with DoP Leena Koppe

Lola is almost thirty. A successful management consultant, she is constantly on the move between the companies she is tasked with restructuring. Her chic apartment in Vienna is more of a mailbox and a launderette than a home

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. A hundred working hours a week is not uncommon in addition to five sessions at the gym, expensive dinners with clients and nights spent in sterile hotels. Her career, which she is advancing with cleverness, efficiency and ruthless cunning, appears to be unstoppable. She applies a similarly disciplined approach when it comes to managing her private life. This means that nobody is allowed to know about the existence of her older sister Conny, who has been suffering from mental illness for a long time and who never leaves her apartment

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. But when Conny attempts to commit suicide, Lola searches for a way to be there for her.

108 min., German with English subtitles. Director: Marie Kreutzer, DoP: Leena Koppe, Cast: Valerie Pachner, Pia Hierzegger, Mavie Hörbiger, Michelle Barthel;

Wednesday, September 11, 9:00 p.m. Cinematograph

UNTITLED – Michael Glawogger & Monika Willi
Austria 2017
Q&A with Editor & Co-Director Monika Willi

“I want to give a view of the world that can only emerge by not pursuing any particular theme, by refraining from passing judgment, proceeding without aim. Drifting with no direction except one’s own curiosity and intuition.” (Michael Glawogger)
After the sudden death of Michael Glawogger in April 2014, his longstanding collaborator and editor Monika Willi realizes a film out of the footage Glawogger shot over the course of 4 months and 19 days in the Balkans, Italy, North and West Africa. A journey out into the world with open eyes and open mind – observing, listening, experiencing. Serendipity is the concept and the only rule to apply – in editing and creating the film just as it was in shooting it.

105 min., English version. Director: Michael Glawogger & Monika Willi, Screenplay: Michael Glawogger, DoP: Attila Boa, Editor: Monika Willi

Thursday, September 12, 8:00 p.m. Vogelweide (Waltherpark)

FLESH OUT – Michela Occhipinti
Italy 2019
Q&A with filmmaker Michela Occhipinti

Verida is a modern girl
. She works in a beauty salon, is addicted to social media and hangs out with her friends. Still, she is engaged to a man chosen by her family
. Like many girls her age, she is under pressure to gain a substantial amount of weight in a tradition called gavage, in order to reach the voluptuous body considered in Mauritania a sign of great beauty, charm, wealth and social status. The wedding is fast approaching and meal after meal Verida is starting to challenge everything she always thought was normal: her loved ones, her way of life, and not least, her own body.

94 min., Hassaniya with English subtitles. Director: Michela Occhipinti, Producers: Marta Donzelli, & Gregorio Paonessa, Cast: Verida Beitta Ahmed Deiche, Amal Saab Bouh Oumar, Aichetou Abdallahi Najim;

Friday, September 13, 9:00 p.m. Cinematograph

Austria 2019
Q&A with filmmakers Jakob Brossmann & David Paede

With its focus on culture, Ö1 is one of the most successful radio stations of its kind worldwide. Every day the station’s broadcasters strive to explore and convey current affairs and developments around the world in their programs. The film portrays the Austrian radio station during a phase of restructuring and describes the ethos of the radio professionals in trying to contribute to an open-minded, informed society.

90 min., German with English subtitles. Script: Jakob Brossmann & David Paede