Films 2017

Tuesday, 5 September

A Nagy Füzet – The Notebook
János Szász
Germany, France, Austria, Hungary 2013

Two young twin brothers spend the end of the Second World War in a small village with their grandmother – a self-willed, abashed woman who is not averse to alcohol and used to living alone. She has the twins working hard for makeshift food and accommodation. On their own, they quickly learn how life in a world shaped by war is tolerable: by hardening and overcoming hunger, cold, pain and every other feeling. They write their experiences in a notebook. The big issue is the shocking and fascinating narrative of two children.
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Wednesday, 6 September

Trois Couleurs: Bleu – Three Colors: Blue
Krzysztof Kieslowski
France, Poland, Switzerland 1993

Failing to find the courage to commit suicide after her husband and infant daughter die in a car crash, Julie decides to build a new, anonymous and wholly independent life. Leaving her country mansion for a Paris apartment, she soon finds that freedom is not as easy to achieve as she hoped. Neighbors seek help and friendship, and doubts about her husband’s fidelity inflame jealousy

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. Most troubling there’s the music: Julie can’t escape the sounds in her head. Kieslowskis film – the first of three inspired by the ideals of the French Revolution… Read more →

Friday, 8 September

Der Räuber – The Robber
Benjamin Heisenberg
Austria, Germany 2009

One man’s obsessive search for excitement leads him to a life of crime in this drama inspired by a true story

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. Johann Rettenberger (Andreas Lust) is a talented long-distance runner who frequently competes in marathons and is hooked on the endorphin rush of running and the thrill of competition. For Johann, nothing comes close to matching the lift he gets from running except his other hobby — robbing banks. Armed with a shotgun and a mask, Johann commits a series of hit-and-run bank heists, less interested in the money than the way  … Read more →