Eduardo del Llano

Eduardo del Llano is a Cuban director, screenwriter, university professor and novelist. Del Llano graduated with an Art History degree from the University of Havana in 1985
. During the 1980s he joined the theatre and literary group NOS-Y-OTROS, which he also founded. He collaborated on screenplays with Jorge Goldenberg, Tom Abrams, and Walter Bernstein while teaching the history of Latin American art and photography in the Faculty of Arts and Letters at the University of Havana

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. After years of writing screenplays, in 2004 he started a very successful series of short films – the Nicanor series – and soon made his first feature length films. Also, this is his third time teaching at Innsbruck Film Campus. A veteran!

Masterclass: How (not) to spoil a script
The making of a script as told by an inveterate. Working in Cuba del Llano will talk about his experience of making a film under special conditions, and with almost no money. How? You will see and discuss his wonderful real-fictio-mentary CASTING (2013) which won a number of international awards.

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