Retrospect 2017

The fifth edition of the INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS took place from 4 to 10 September 2017. Out of more than 60 applications, 19 young filmmakers from Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Syria, Switzerland and Austria were selected and invited to come to Innsbruck to spend a week on the campus. This extraordinary learning platform enabled a profound exploration of the medium of film – an exciting experience for participants and speakers alike. They established valuable contacts and created effective networks which will persist far beyond the INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS. 2017 was a special edition also for the following reasons: For the first time the whole programme was dedicated to one focus: Cinematography, Lighting and Photography..

The INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS #5 had a lot to offer: Seven masterclasses, three films, an excursion, a vernissage and a screening session. The masterclasses typically lasted 2 ½ hours each morning and afternoon. The Campus kicked off on Monday 4 September with the official opening ceremony at the homebase Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen. The first get-together and the opening speeches by the hosts and the city councillor for cultural affairs Dr. Patrizia Moser were followed by the much-acclaimed buffet in the foyer – and a giant and delicious „film“- and „CAMPUS“- shaped sandwich. All participants used the opportunity for networking, which was to last throughout the whole week
. The first masterclass and the actual start of the training was held on Tuesday 5 September by Nino Leitner, an expert on cinematography from Tyrol. He showed his technical knowhow and professional versatility by using premium equipment. This was provided by Georg Zeller, a Campus partner from REC-Film Südtirol. The afternoon was dedicated to “the perfect picture” with the cinematographer Leena Koppe. Her very personal and theoretical approach was the ideal contrast to the programme in the morning. The screening of A NAGY FÜZET – THE NOTEBOOK in the Cinematograph completed the first day at the Campus, hosted by the movie’s gaffer Jakob Ballinger as an introduction to the masterclass on the following day.
Wednesday was all about lighting
. The participants spent the whole day in the astounding halls of Bartenbach GmbH – literally a highlight. The excursion included a tour of the house which inspired the visitors to look at light from a different angle. Jakob Ballinger‘s afternoon masterclass took place in the lecture theatre of the Bartenbach Academy, where he discussed the endless possibilities of the Cine Reflect Lighting Systems as well as his own philosophy on lighting. The evening was dedicated to the classic TROIS COULEURS BLEU by Krzysztof Kieslowski, hosted by Piotr Jaxa. He worked as a cinematographer and photographer on the film’s set and held the following masterclass on Thursday at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

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. Jaxa has a long experience from analogue to digital, as well as from high- to low-budget film and passed it on during the first of his masterclasses, along with a great number of film examples. Thursday afternoon was dedicated to the talents’ screening session with the projection of films made by the participants. All 19 talents brought their own works to show them to their colleagues and get to know each other better, providing room for discussion. Jaxas second masterclass was about his photography. He explained his very own approach with his stills for Kieslowski and his own books about famous cinematographers. A further speaker on photography was Heidrun Holzfeind, who invited the participants to her own exhibition at Tiroler Kunstpavillon on Thursday evening. She also came to Büchsenhausen the following day to show her photographic and documentary work. Friday evening was dedicated to the Campus’ last screening of DER RÄUBER, which provided the context for Saturday’s masterclass titled „Camera Confessions“ with the cinematographer Reinhold Vorschneider, who travelled to Innsbruck all the way from Berlin. Saturday also traditionally is the Campus’ closing day: An
„Instawalk“ through Innsbruck’s old town in the afternoon and a nice dinner provided further networking opportunities as well as a beautiful occasion to review the past week’s events.

The core of the INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS team consists of Evelin Stark and Marion Matuella, who organize the project throughout the year. Ever since the Campus’ beginning they are supported by graphic designer Maria Markt. There has also been a very pleasing development: The former talents Sabrina Stockner and Helmut Geissler joined the team for the Campus week and documented all masterclasses on film. Meanwhile, photographer Daniel Jarosch documented all events on pictures

Since its foundation in 2013 the INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS team is very proud to invite the participants to Innsbruck thanks to a scholarship. Accommodation during the week, a part of both travel expenses and catering will be covered by the Campus. The participation is free.