Retrospect 2019

The seventh edition of INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS took place from 9 to 15 September 2019. Out of more than 100 applications, 18 young filmmakers from Italy, Germany, China, Hungary, Croatia and Austria were selected and invited to participate for one week

The campus enabled intense discussions and a profound exploration of the medium of film – for both participants and the seven Austrian and international speakers

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. Contacts were established quickly, creating networks that will have their effect far beyond the INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS. The focus was put on practical issues such as camera, light and editing, but also on theoretical themes concerning the ethics of observation or how to show emotions in pictures. Impressions of this year’s edition can be found here: Gallery 2019


On six intense days, the INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS #7 offered a total of six talks and workshops, four film screenings in the cinema, an open-air screening, an excursion in the mountains and two talent’s screening sessions for individual feedback: Programme 2019

The official opening was held on Monday evening, a traditionally relaxed opening, with short speeches by the campus management and Ursula Schwarzl in her function as city counsellor for Cultural Affairs. The opening also provided one of many informal occasions for networking.

Tuesday started off with the screening of Sara Fattahi‘s “Chaos”, which won the “Pardo d’oro Cineasti del presente’ at Locarno Film Festival, followed by an intense talk with the Syrian independent filmmaker and producer in the afternoon. The schedule ended with the evening screening of “Der Boden unter den Füßen” and a Q&A with cinematographer Leena Koppe at Cinematograph. She was the first female DoP to win the Best Picture Award at the Diagonale in 2011
. She gave her talk on Wednesday morning and investigated the possibilities to show emotions in pictures by showing examples of her previous work. Koppe also gave her personal insight on how to communicate with the director. The afternoon was dedicated to lighting: One of the great masters of light in film, Jakob Ballinger, held his master class “Natural Key Light” with theoretical remarks about lighting, followed by a practical unit on portraits. Thanks to the help of Innsbruck-based Robert Mayr and his light equipment, various set-ups were tested on the stage, including a presentation of “Cine Reflect Lighting System” developed by Christian Berger. This intensive day ended with the screening of the film “Untitled” in the Cinematograph, which was introduced by co-director and editor Monika Willi with a Q+A with the talents and other viewers.

Willi is known for her collaboration with Michael Haneke, Ulrich Seidl and Michael Glawogger. After his sudden death, Willi took over Glawogger’s footage for “Untitled” shot while travelling through the Balkans, Italy North and West Africa. Her talk on Thursday morning focussed on the differences and similarities of directing and editing, and the challenges of sales and distribution. The afternoon was dedicated to the “Talent’s Screening”, in which the participants presented their own film projects to their colleagues. The day ended with the open-air screening of “Flesh Out” at Vogelweide in Waltherpark. After a second “Talent’s Screening” on Friday morning, the talents took a photographic excursion to the mountains at the Nordkette, followed by the last appointment at Cinematograph, the screening of the documentary “Gehört, gesehen – Ein Radiofilm”. Jakob Brossmann and David Paede, respectively the two DoP’s, were at the cinema for an intense Q&A and held their masterclass “Thinking Documentary” on Saturday morning. Filmmaker Michela Occhipinti joined the Campus in the afternoon for a very powerful talk about “Flesh Out” and her unusual approach to filmmaking.

The conclusion of this year’s Campus was the traditional get-together in the inspiring yet informal atmosphere of Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen with the presentation of diplomas. In this occasion the talents once again reflected on the lessons learned during the week, mused on possible joint projects and indulged in creative discussions. Once again, their feedback is overwhelming and is an enormous incentive for the campus team. We’re already looking forward to the 2020 edition.


The INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS is a project founded in 2013. After five years under the direction of Evelin Stark, the campus was organized under a new team in 2018. Christoph Fintl took over under Evelin’s consultancy, with Marianna Kastlunger assisting them and Maria Markt being responsible for the graphic design. The photographers Daniel Jarosch and Janick Entremont, a former participant, recorded the campus week and all the events in pictures.


The team of INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS is particularly proud that it has been possible to invite the participants thanks to a scholarship ever since it started in 2013. The accommodation in Innsbruck during the campus week and part of the catering was taken care of by the campus. In addition, there is no participation fee.