A Nagy Füzet – The Notebook

János Szász
Germany, France, Austria, Hungary 2013

Two young twin brothers spend the end of the Second World War in a small village with their grandmother – a self-willed, abashed woman who is not averse to alcohol and used to living alone. She has the twins working hard for makeshift food and accommodation. On their own, they quickly learn how life in a world shaped by war is tolerable: by hardening and overcoming hunger, cold, pain and every other feeling. They write their experiences in a notebook

. The big issue is the shocking and fascinating narrative of two children, who are forced to grow up too early and do it in the most unique way possible. Based on the novel by Agota Kristof.

100 min. Original with English subtitles. HD to DCP, 1.85:1

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. Color, Dolby. Script: Janos Szász, András Szekér. With: András & Lásló Gyémánt, Piroska Molnár, Ulrich Thomsen, Ulrich Matthes, Sabin Tambrea. DoP: Christian Berger. Lighting: Jakob Ballinger. Editing: Szilvia Ruszev.