Jakob Ballinger


Since he quit Circus school to join the film business 21 years ago, Jakob Ballinger has been working in the film and television industry. While at a young age, he pursued his interest in developing lights, rigs and fixtures, then became an electrician

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. He enrolled at the National Film School in Vienna to deepen his knowledge of the craft. Back in the field of his choice, he has been working as a gaffer ever since. Specializing in large scale feature films (for directors Michael Haneke, Angelina Jolie, Virgil Widrich etc.) and commercials, his international career has taken him all over the world

. As an industry gaffer with experience on projects ranging from small productions to major film studio shoots, Ballinger understands the need for high-quality and economical lighting for various creative projects with different budgets

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. He is also founder of The Light Bridge (Centre of Innovative Lighting) and co-developer of CRLS Cine Reflect Lighting System.


After taking a tour through the light labs of Bartenbach GmbH, Jakob Ballinger will introduce his approach to lighting in film. The CRLS system is a highly elaborated technique that works exclusively on the concept of reflections, giving every film set an authentic look while at the same time allowing much more space for the cast and crew to move around. Ballinger will show examples from his work and explain his personal approach to lighting to the Campus participants.