31.Mai 2013

10.00-12.30 Uhr, Freies Theaterhaus Innsbruck

LECTURE – talents only

Jean-Marie Teno

From Real to Reel

A lecture with Jean-Marie Teno in the form of a journey into his filmmaking practice and aesthetics

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. Collectively, Teno’s films add up to a motion picture portrait of Africa
. Separately and together, they provide a highly significant perspective to the struggles of Africans for self-identity and self-respect


13.30-16.00 Uhr, Freies Theaterhaus Innsbruck

LECTURE – talents only

Eduardo del Llano

How to spoil a script… unless you don‘t want to!

The making of a script as told by an inveterate

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. Working in Cuba, the author, script-writer and director del Llano will also talk about his experience of making a film under special conditions.


16.00–17.00 Uhr, Freies Theaterhaus Innsbruck


Time and space for the participants of the IFFI campus to work on ideas for the Image Film campaign


17.30-20.00 Uhr, Leokino 2

SCREENING & OPEN TALK – open to the public

LIBYA HURRA Austria, 2012, 72 min, OmU

Talk with director Fritz Ofner

Moderation: Dominik Tschütscher (Cinema Next)

(The talk after the screening will be in German.)

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