Program IFFI campus Innsbruck

This is not Hollywood – it ‘s an African Experience!

25 participants from all over Austria are invited to Innsbruck to the IFFI Campus. During the Campus Week (27. May – 2. June) national and international experts and festival guests share their experiences, illustrate their ideas and in exchange with the talents give birth to new projects.

The program of the first IFFI campus is as diverse as the festival itself , the speakers come from Cuba , Cameroon, Argentina , Congo, Russia, France and Austria . In 9 lectures the young talents are introduced to a variety of areas of filmmaking. In 3 Screenings & Open Talks with directors working methods and approaches are discussed .

At the beginning of the campus week on Monday, 27 May 20 clock in Büchsenhausen the talents and the program is going to be presented .

On Tuesday 28 May the Congolese filmmaker Balufu Bakupa–Kanyinda talks about his journey as a filmmaker , stereotypes in the African film and the ability of cinema to create new ways of looking at reality.

Marina Koreneva , screenwriter , literary translator and researcher , is invited as Writer in Residence from the Slavic Studies Institute at the University of Innsbruck. After the screening of FAUST, students and campus participants can learn about screenwriting and her collaboration with the award-winning co-writer and director Alexksandr Sokurov .

On Wednesday 29 May the focus lies on “image film – images for Innsbruck”.

Four partners of 1 IFFI campus – Cine Tirol , IVB – public transportation services , Innsbruck Tourismus and Innsbruck city marketing – allow the talents to apply for the production of an image spot.

As an introduction to the focus image film , the Campus participants go on a location tour with Cine Tirol.

After the Location Tour, the Austrian filmmaker Jakob M. Kubizek shares his experiences in the field of advertising and image film with the young talents. With his production company Jenseide he is an expert of image spots and Webvirals, for example for FM4 , Museumsquartier Wien or TrumerPrivatbrauerei .

On Thursday 30 May the renowned Tyrolean cinematographer and director Christian Berger provides an insight into his work and which decisions are most important to be made together with the director to create a common language of film . Berger also introduces the Cine Reflect Lighting System , he has developed together with Bart LichtLabor .

The German – Argentine filmmaker Jeanine Meerapfel and the Greek composer and musician Floros Floridis are speaking about sound and music in film based on their common movies ANNA SUMMER and THE GERMAN FRIEND, which celebrates its premiere in Austria on IFFI .

On Friday , 31 May the African documentary filmmaker Jean -Marie Teno together with the talents makes a journey through his cinematic oeuvre. With its film language and aesthetics he creates a cinematic portrait of Africa , always searching for identity and self-esteem.

Eduardo del Llano, Cuban writer , screenwriter and director , talks about his experiences of realising films under certain , often difficult, conditions.

On Saturday , 1st June the Campus participants are given valuable input to written and oral pitches, and storytelling in general, by script consultant Ines Häufler . In the lecture “Pitch it!” the talents learn what is needed to be considered when ideas are presented to a production company , customers or potential donors and how the material comes to the right people .

From Wednesday to Friday, also daily Screenings & Open Talks take place in Leokino 2 to which the public is cordially invited.

Paul Leduc ( MX ), Barbara Miller ( CH ) and Fritz Ofner (AT) after the presentation of their films BARROCO , FORBIDDEN VOICES and LIBYA HURRA! will speak about their working methods and cinematic approaches.

Screenings &Open Talks :

( Ticket reservation :Leokino T +43 ( 0) 512.560470 )

( The Screenings & Open Talks are free to the public. )

Wednesday 29 May 19-22 clock , Leokino 2

BARROCO (Mexico / Spain / Cuba, 1989 , 108 min, without dialogue )

Talk with director Paul Leduc ( in English)

Thursday 30 May 17-20 clock , Leokino 2

FORBIDDEN VOICES ( Switzerland , 2012 , 97 min , English subtitles )

Talk with director Barbara Miller ( in German language )

Friday 31 May 17.30-20 clock , Leokino 2

LIBYA HURRA!( Austria , 2012 , 72 min, OmdtU )

Talk with director Fritz Ofner( in German language )