Christian Berger

Cinematographer, director, producer and author of numerous documentary, TV and cinema films. He is emeritus professor at the Vienna film academy and teaches masterclasses at several international film schools. He is founding member of the Bartenbach light academy (Innsbruck) and member of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. For his camera work in „The White Ribbon“ he was nominated for the Oscar in 2010.


The Light as seen by Christian Berger

Light philosophy is the basis of Christian Berger’s cinematography. In his workshop he will reveal his approach to light, how he has developed his Cine Reflect Lighting System CRLS and how he uses lighting in his camera work.

David Hebenstreit aka Sir Tralala

David Hebenstreit is considered one of the most eccentric artists in Austria. In addition to his work as a musician in various band formations, it is primarily his talent as a composer, music programmer and producer within his solo project Sir Tralala, which is characteristic of his work. Also, he has produced soundtracks for various film productions, most recently for the award-winning Austrian film “Die Vaterlosen” by Marie Kreutzer.


In his presentation, David Hebenstreit explores the history and development of film music and outlines current trends, problems and opportunities.


In his role as mentor of the music talents of this year’s campus, he coaches and assists the Score Production for  selected film clips.

Edoardo Winspeare

Eduardo Winspeare graduated from Munich School for Film and Television and Florence University. In 2000 he founded the psoduction company Saietta Film. Today he and his family live in Salento, Apulien, Which is also the setting of all of his films.

Filmography of feature length films: PIZZICATA (1996), SANGUE VIVO (2000), IL MIRACOLO (2003), GALANTUOMINI (2008), L’ANIMA ATTESA (2013), IN GRAZIA DI DIO  (2013).


It’s all about Authenticity

In his masterclass Edoardo Winspeare will focus on the work with actors – professionals and amateurs. Using examples and together with his wife, who plays the lead role in his last film IN GRAZIA DI DIO, he will demonstrate what is important in working with actors.

Karl Saurer

Born in 1943 in Einsiedeln. 1979 Master of Arts in media studies, literature and psychology. Since 1970 film critic work in Switzerland and Germany. 1980-84 Lecturer in Dramaturgy at the DFFB (German Film and Television Academy Berlin). Lectureships at universities and film schools. Writer and director of feature films and documentaries.


One should make a film about that
A filmmaker can “film” any topic. Really? Karl Saurer will pursue the following questions in his masterclass: What are the triggers to start a cinematic project? How open is my attitude in the process of developing, in the phase of filming and the editing process? How much am I able to specify and how much can I accept from my team members? Do I get involved in the distribution?

Shaji N. Karun

Shaji N. Karun was born in 1952 in Kerala, India, and is a director and cinematographer. With his debut film “Piravi”(1988) he won the Camera d’Or in Cannes. He was chairman of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, the first film and Television Academy in India and was also head of the International Film Festival in Kerala until 2001.


Camera – Sound – Direction

Shaji N. Karun is one of the most important directors and cinematographers in India. Using concrete examples, his Masterclass will deal with his personal approach to filmmaking – from the camera work to the use of soundtrack through to directing.

Vlado Škafar

Vlado Škafar (born in 1969 in Slovenia) is co-founder of the Slovenian Cinematheque and worked as its program director from 1993 to 1999. In 2004 he founded the Isola Cinema Film Festival. He works as a filmmaker and screenwriter. Movies: A GIRL AND A TREE (2012), OCA (2010), OTROCI (2009), PETERKA, LETO ODLOCITVE (2003).


Patience. Poetry.

In his masterclass Vlado Škafar will speak about how a filmmaker can find freedom from the film industry, and how one can devote oneself to his creative work with sufficient rest and muse. His poetic approach to filmmaking is reflected in his films and will find its way into this session.

Wildruf (Bernhard Holzhammer)

Wildruf film was founded in 2008 in Volders / Tirol. Since the early years the focus has been on the production of commercials and corporate films, which have received numerous awards at commercial film festivals. Wildruf covers the entire production process in-house. Recently, in addition, the (co-) production of documentaries and short films has been intensified; Among others, the documentaries “Purity”, “Die Zeit, die Sehnsucht heißt” and “D.U.D.A.! Werner Pirchner”, which premiered in 2014 at the Diagonale, were produced.


In this session Bernhard Holzhammer (CEO, Producer) and Matthias Helldoppler (cinematographer) of Wildruf will explain the process of corporate video production based on their own productions and give an introduction to the topic.

Yesim Ustaoglu

Yeşim Ustaoğlu was born in 1960 in northeastern Turkey. After studying architecture in Istanbul, she worked as an architect, journalist and directed video workshops. Being the best known female filmmaker of new Turkish cinema, she always maintains her political position and deals with guilt apart as a result of the loss of integrity in Turkey. The pivotal point of all of  her films is the identity of the individual and as a citizen.


From Script to Screen

In her master class Yeşim Ustaoğlu pursues one of the hardest tasks of filmmaking: How a scene is transferred from the script to film. How do you stage a scene well enough to achieve that what is finally seen on the screen is actually what you as a director intended? Using concrete examples, this question will be investigated.